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Beary Bears

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Here are some teacher activities that I received from various teachers. I also included my own ideas from previous theme units. I separated the ideas into categories. For the activity pages, click on the link to open a full page picture when available. Use the BACK button to return to this page.

Before printing the page, please check the printer setup. For best results, place the setup at Portrait and 100 % Scaling.  Enjoy! 


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Social StudiesStudents

Center Activities
  • Dress up clothes for the teddy bears (good fine motor skills).
  • Let the children act out a bear story.
  • Bear lacing cards.
  • Plastic bears in the sand and/or water table.
  • How Many Gummy Bears Are There. Estimate how many bears are in a container
  • Internet center with Beary Bears web site active.
  • Bear Puzzles. Use bear pictures and cut them out into small pieces.






English Activities
  • When the children bring their bears, help the children trace around them onto a large piece of paper. Children then color them to look like their teddies and to the side of these drawings I write these sentences to make a poster:
    • My bear's name is ________. ____ is ____inches long. (together use a ruler to measure teddy) ____ came to live with me when_____. (the story of where bear came from) _____ and I like to ______. (what the child likes to do with teddy)
  • Learn vocabulary which describes different environments (tundra, forest, jungle, desert).
  • Learn vocabulary which describes various land/water (beach, river, bank).
  • Write a story describing a bear's dreams while he is hibernating.
  • Make a list of animals and the special names for their homes.
  • Creative writing on bears. I have some empty text pages to use. Bear Composition, Goldilocks Bed, Chair Text. Unfortunately, since I have had these pages for a very long time, I do not recall where they come from.
  • Read the various books listed in the Books web page. Do activities.
  • Be a journalist. Write a small story for a bear picture. Use the 5Ws. Very simple actions can be used.
  • Read the poems and songs. Describe what is happening in the text.
  • Write a story about "My Special Friend". Draw the bear next to the text.
  • Make a story map for each book read.














French Activities
  • Learn vocabulary associated with bears.
  • Read "Boucle d'Or et les Trois Ours".
  • Fill in the blanks activity on bears. Mon ourson
  • Combine syllables to make words related to bears. Syllabes



Games Activities
  • Use a large blanket or table cloth to make a cave and pretend your bears.
  • Bear Bean Bag Toss
  • Bears Parachute. Place plastic bears on a huge parachute. Do actions.
  • Teddy Bear Picnic games.
  • Bear Hug Tag. Choose one person to be "it". In hug tag, the only time a person is safe is when he is hugging another person.




Math Activities
  • How long does a bear hibernate? Express it as a fraction.
  • Do simple addition and subtraction word problems. Ex: A Giant Panda eats during 16 hours one day and 17 hours the next day. During how many hours did the Giant Panda eat over the two days?
  • Measuring with bears. Each student has a bear. Measure the bear. Write length. Students go around the classroom and measure objects; desks, blackboard, books, door. Complete worksheet.
  • Use catalogs to compare the costs of several toy bears. Discuss coins and make small word problems.






  • Teddy Bear Cakes-rice cakes spread with peanut butter. Use raisins and cheerios for facial features. Small mini pretzels make great teddy bear ears.
  • Make honey butter to spread on crackers or bread.  Sweeten lemonade with honey, gives it a different flavor.  Or sweeten tea with honey.
  • Use teddy bear cookie cutters to make Pooh cookies or sandwiches.
  • Marshmallow Bears. Give children some chocolate icing and both large and small marshmallows. Let them use the chocolate icing to form the marshmallows into bears.





Science Activities

  • Make a weather Brown Bear book--have the children illustrate the different types of weather. Cloud, cloud, what do you see? I see a rainbow looking at me.
  • Read "Panda". Have a discussion on a bear's sense of smell. Divide into groups. Lay out items to be smelled at six different stations. Group leaders will make the students smell and guess the contents of each container, one at a time.
  • Learn different facts on the four types of bears. Compare. Here are some information sheets that I received from a teacher. The pages come from Bears, a theme unit by Teacher Created Materials. Black bear, Grizzly bear, Panda bear, Polar bear, and Comparing Bears.
  • Do an experiement with Hot and Cold.








Social Studies Activities

  • Discuss the ways in which bears are adapted to live in their environment.
  • Find out about other animals that hibernate. Do all kinds of bears hibernate?
  • What does a bear do in preparation for hibernation? Compare these activities to those of people preparing for winter.
  • Read "Every Autumn Comes The Bear" written by Jim Arnosky. Discuss hibernation, why animals hibernate, and how seasonal changes effect the bear. Activity page from Teacher Created Materials: Seasons.




Extra Information

  • A week before you start this theme, send home an invitation to each child inviting their favorite teddy bear.
  • Teddy Bear Tea Party. Each child brings their favorite bear (or stuffed animal) to the tea party. Have play dishes, cups and saucers for the bears and the bears sit at the little table while the students served their bears pretend tea and cookies. Then students go have cookies and apple juice (their tea). Print a paper place mat with a picture of a bear for the placemat.
  • Take pictures of the children and their teddies. Put pictures in album to share with parents.
  • Make Bear flash cards for any topic needed in class.








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