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While surfing the web, I have found some excellent web sites. Enjoy!

Links to English Bear Sites

Please note that you will leave my site when clicking on these links.

American Bear Association

Facts, Links, Photos.

Bears Organization

Tons of info on bears.

Bear Watch

Page with mature content on bears, especially Grizzly Bears in British Columbia. More info includes Grizzlies on the Brink and Rainforest Bus

Lenny Shapiro

Enormous collection of polar bear fact pages, photos and links to other sites.

Meerkat's Mammals

Facts and pictures about the Giant Panda. Also for the Grizzly Bear, and Polar Bear.

Nature-net's The Bear Den

Separate pages for 8 bear species, including brown grizzly bears, bear roar, photos, books, links.

Nature-net's The Cubs Den

Brought to you by the Bears Den. This page is for children. It contains facts about bears.

Realm of the Bear

Site made for bear lovers.

Teel Family's Polar Bears

Photo, facts, description, population.

USGS Biological Resources

Fact sheets on bears.

WWF Canada - Home

World Wide Fund

WWF Kids

World Wide Fund

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