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Cuddles Traveling Backpack Project


Would you be willing to host our traveling bear Cuddles? Our project will include the story "Goldilocks and the Three Bears". This book gives youngsters the opportunity to ask questions about how bears really raise their families, why Goldilocks was in the forest, where bears live. It allows the classroom teacher the opportunity to discuss nature, geography, bears, and even the hazards of moving around a forest. Furthermore, this project allows to learn about other classrooms, communities, cities, towns. It would be interesting to receive pamphlets of tourist sites from other states and provinces.


Would you be willing to receive the backpack by mail, to take care of Cuddles with hugs and pats for that school week, read the stories included in the packback to your class, show Cuddles around your school, take a picture of your class with Cuddles, write to us by email what Cuddles have been doing with you and to send him to another class by mail as Cuddles continues on his travels around the world?


In October 1999, the backpack will be ready to be delivered to the first teacher. I know you and your students will love it.

We will send:

1. Cuddles, the baby teddy bear

2. A photo album showing our class members and various sites of interest in Montreal

3. Book: "Goldilocks and The Three Bears"

4. Disposable camera

5. Audio Tape

6. Souvenirs, memorabilia, pamphlets and maps of Montreal

 What we ask you to do:

1. Take care of Cuddles showing it kindness, compassion and teaching him about your town or city. You can use the audio tape to record what you are doing so we can hear from your students.

2. Look at the photo-album to get to know us. Our school is pictured in the album.

3. Use the camera to take 5 pictures of your group with Cuddles, the baby bear.

4. Send us an email when you receive the backpack.

5. While Cuddles is with you, send us email every day that documents the activities you are doing with him. Let us know the day and time he arrives. What is the weather like? We will place all the emails on Cuddles' web page at as soon as possible.

6. Send us a postcard and pamphlets to show us something special about your state.

7. Send the packback in the box to the next class on the list, along with a new audio tape.

8. Send us some activities you made from the suggested activities on this web site so that they can be scan and be placed on Cuddles' Trip web page when activated.


If you are interested in hosting Cuddles and participating in this project, please click on the registration button below. If you have questions, please contact me at Thank you for your interest in our traveling backpack project.


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