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Beary Bears








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Here are some great books to read during the Bears Theme Unit. Please note that some books have suggested activities from teachers. Click on the title of the book to see the activities teachers sent me.

Click on the proper button. Enjoy! 

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English Books

Alphabears: An ABC Book

Kathleen Hague

Ask Mr. Bear

Marjorie Flack

Bear Called Paddington (A)

Michael Bond


Ruth Krauss

Bear's Bicycle (The)

Emilie W. McLeod

Bears Counting Book (The)

Robin and Jocelyn Wild

Bear's Toothache (The)

David McPhail

Bear Who Wanted To Be A Bear (The)

Jorg Steiner


Don Freeman

Berenstain Bears (many books)

J. & S. Berenstain

Biggest Bear (The)

Lynda Ward

Black Bear Adventures

Mary Lewis Haissen

Black Bear Cub

Blueberries For Sal

Robert McCloskey

Book of Bears (A)

Michael Bond

Brown Bear, Brown Bear

Bill Martin Jr.


Don Freeman

Friendly Bear

Robert Bright

Going On A Bear Hunt

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

A Classic Fairy Tale

Hairy Bear

Joy Cowley

Honey Paw

Hound and Bear

Dick Gackenback

How Teddy Bears Are Made

A. Morris-K. Heyman

Ira Sleeps Over

It's The Bear

Jez Alborough


Bruce Degen

Little Polar Bear

Haas De Beers

Lost Bear, Found Bear

Magic Teddy Bear

Stella Farris

Moon Dance

Frank Ashe

Moon Game

Frank Ashe

More from Hound and Bear

Dick Gackenback

A Pocket for Corduroy

Don Freeman

Polar Bear, Polar Bear

Bill Martin Jr.


Frank Ashe

Sleepy Bear

Lydia Dabcovich

Teddybears 1 to 10

Susanna Gretz

Ten Bears in My Bed

Stan Mack

Three Bears (The)

Paul Galdone

Three Blairs (The)

Visit to the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory

A. Morris-K. Heyman

When Winter Comes

Where Did The Brown Bear Go

Where Do Bears Sleep?

B. Hazen

Where Are All The Grizzly Bears

Where's My Teddy

Jez Alborough

Winnie the Pooh (many books)

A.A. Milne

Winter Bear (The)

Ruth Craft

Wish Again, Big Bear

Richard J. Margolis































Suggested Activities for Books


Brown Bear, Brown Bear Activities

  • Draw favorite character and make a graph.
  • Do color recognition activities.
  • Consult encyclopedia or other factual books and learn about real brown bears.
  • Write each word on individual cards or sentence strips cut to size. Then the kids can practice "being the words" while you read the book together, matching their words with the text in the book.
  • Take word cards in Math center and count how many letters are in that word then place in the appropriate numbered container.
  • Play a name game with teddy bear - "Cuddles, Cuddles," who do you see, I see **** looking at me. 








 Corduroy activities

  • Have the children draw a picture of where they imagine Corduroy's missing button to be. Then they glue a button on the picture.
  • Do a treasure hunt using store pamphlets.
  • Practice situation words: front, back, top, bottom, right, left. Worksheet
  • Write a small book report. Worksheet



 Goldilocks and the Three Bears activities

  • Discuss the forest, how bears live.
  • Have the children draw a picture of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.
  • Use picture cards or puppets to retell the story. Picture cards, Picture cards 1, and Picture cards 2.
  • Write a small text about the story. Bed, Chair

 Hairy Bear Activities

  • Make a bear sack puppet.
  • Change the beginning sound of the nonsense words and make new nonsense words.
  • Act out and practice reading with expression.
  • Make biscuit bears. Each child needs two refrigerator biscuits. Leave one alone. That is the head. Cut the other biscuit in half and make a snout. Cut the half of biscuit in half again and make two ears. Cut a maraschino cherry in half and put half in each ear. Use raisins for the eyes and nose. Sprinkle with cinnamon sugar and bake according to biscuit directions until brown.







 Jamberry activities:
  • Have students make up a new nonsense berry and display or make into a class book.
  • Make up a dance to the Jamberry song (on tape from Scholastic).
  • Have a jam tasting party with the four berry flavors listed in the book and Ritz crackers.
  • Have students draw their favorite berry and make a class graph.





 Little Polar Bear activities

  • Children can learn about polar bear habitat by reading this fictitious story. Talk about why polar bears are white and where they live.
  • Learn more about polar bears from other books or encyclopedias.
  • Try this camouflage activity: Use colored toothpicks and scatter them in the grass. Give the children a short time to pick up as many as they can. Graph the results. Why are there fewer green ones?





 A Pocket for Corduroy activities

  • Decorate a paper bear with fabric overalls and scraps of trim, buttons, and a contrasting pocket. The children can slip their own ideas for their bears' names, or his name, into the pocket.



 Polar Bear, Polar Bear activities

  • Make a polar bear painting. You will need a sheet of white paper and a white bear cutout for each student. Glue the cut out to the paper with ONE drop of glue. Then sponge paint around the edge of the cut out bear to the edge of the paper. Let dry. Peel off the bear cutout and you should have a white bear shape on the page. Children can add a face with black crayon.




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